Fredericksburg Baptist Church

Sunday School

9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m

We encourage your children to be a part of Sunday School. We offer Sunday School classes for each grade level so children can learn with others their age. Each Sunday school classroom is staffed with two qualified adult leaders who are excited to help your child know more about God’s love and plan for their lives. These classrooms are designed to offer a small group setting for children to engage in conversation about scripture and relating God’s Word to everyday life.  

Kindergarten: Room C305

1st grade: Room C306

2nd grade: Room C309

3rd grade: Room C308

4th grade: Room C311

5th grade: Room C310

6th grade: Room C312

If you are visiting our church for the first time, please ask on of our greeters to help direct you and your child to the appropriate classroom.