Fredericksburg Baptist Church

Child Dedication

The tradition of child dedication originates in the Bible. It began with God's command for the Israelites to bring their firstborn children for consecration on the eighth day of the child's life. Then, in 1 Samuel, Hannah brought her son Samuel to Eli, the priest, to dedicate him to the Lord. And later, Jesus was also brought as a baby to the Temple by Mary and Joseph to be dedicated. 

In dedicating your child to the Lord, you are committing to a holy task to raise your child in a way that is pleasing to God. The church is also committing to provide opportunities that foster the spiritual development of the child and family. Together, the church and family, commit to the sacred journey of raising and nurturing a child. 

We welcome all families to bring their children for dedication to the Lord. For more information or to schedule a child dedication, please contact Erin Silver