Fredericksburg Baptist Church

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry seeks to serve youth, parents of youth, and adult workers with youth so they may experience a deeper relationship with God through Christ and become God's servant people in the world.

Our youth enjoy a variety of ministry oriented activities in which to participate throughout the year. These include recreational activities, fellowship opportunities, Bible Studies, and opportunities for mission work. In the spring they participate in Youth Week when they assume leadership roles in Sunday School classes and worship. In addition, youth participate in a broad variety of fellowship activities and retreat experiences during the year. Passport Youth Camping with a Mission is a summer highlight.

Our youth participate in a variety of fellowships throughout the year. These fellowships provide avenues for youth and youth leaders to relax and refresh themselves through recreation and leisure while helping them to grow in their ability to live in right relationship with one another. They also provide excellent opportunities for youth to invite their friends, who may not have church homes of their own, to participate with them in a casual setting. Following these fellowship opportunities, perhaps these visitors will feel more comfortable participating in Bible study, worship, and other regularly scheduled activities with our youth. The youth are encouraged to practice being followers of Jesus Christ as they invite others to participate in the life of our church family.