Fredericksburg Baptist Church

Deacon Ministry

The deacons who have been ordained and serve at FBC are men and women whose lives demonstrate their willingness to live according to God’s will. The collective giftedness of these individuals help accomplish the purpose of the Deacon Ministry, which is the meeting of the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation that are not met by other ministries within the church. Rather than serving as an administrative board or functioning in a family ministry format, the body of deacons actively seeks to determine the unmet needs of all members and to lead individuals and groups within the church family to address these needs. Examples of these needs include benevolence, visitation, and ongoing pastoral care activities. Additionally, the deacons take responsibility for providing leadership in worship, preparing special devotional materials related to Advent and Lent/Holy Week, conducting special times of worship, and guiding the continuing spiritual development of the congregation.

If you have any questions about the Deacon Ministry, please email the church office, or telephone 540-373-4402.