Fredericksburg Baptist Church

Parish Nursing Ministry

The Parish Nursing ministry of Fredericksburg Baptist Church strives to continue the work of Christ by working within the congregation in ways which foster health, healing, and the caring aspects of the church community.

The Parish Nurses are members of Fredericksburg Baptist Church. In partnership with the pastoral staff and congregational members, they participate in the transformation of the church family into a source of health and healing. This ministry includes the body, mind, and spirit, as well as social dimensions.

It recognizes spiritual health as central to a person's well being and it holds that all persons are sacred and must be treated with respect and dignity. This ministry fosters new and creative responses to health concerns.

The Parish Nurses apply knowledge from theology, pastoral care, and community health nursing to the health needs of the congregation. Parish Nursing is practiced in the church, homes, hospitals, nursing homes and other community settings. The Parish Nurses strive to promote, protect, and restore health and wellness.

They provide confidential health counseling and knowledge for the congregation and act as liaison to community resources. For further information about the Parish Nursing Ministry, please contact Patti English in the church office at 373-4402 or Email the church office.